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pe hose making machine

  • Pe Hose Making Machine

    Pe Hose Making Machine

    1. The extruder adopts frequency converter control which has the features of easy adjustment, reliable running, stable working and low energy consumption. It adopts independent electric cabinet and it is easy for the whole machine’s centralized control and operation. 2. The screw bolt and barrel of the extruder is made of good quality nitriding steel. The design is reasonable and the plasticizing effect is excellent and it features stable production. 3. Shaping of the pipe adopts center material feeding mold and vacuum sizing. Cooling method is the combination of spraying and leach so the precision of the pipe size is high and the outlook is good. 4. It adopts special-purpose roller type tractor and the pipe will not deform easily due to plasticity. 5. Soft pipe rolling machine adopts torque motor control which overcomes disadvantage of tension. It adopts independent electric cabinet control which is convenient for independent control and operation during production. 6. When producing small diameter pipe change winder to coiler for hard pipe and equip the line with suitable extruding mold, hard pipe can be produced. When producing big diameter pipe, it shall adopt caterpillar type tractor and change winder to pipe rack and equipped with suitable extruding mold and pipe cutting device to produce hard pipe.

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