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  • 1200mm Agricultural Film

    1200mm Agricultural Film

    Environmental Protection Agricultural Cultivation Cover/Mulch Film
    We are the largest manufacturer of agricultural green house PE film / Agriculture gardening PE ground film
    located in Guangdong province, our production capacity is more than 10000tons annually.
    1. Agricultural mulch and greenhouse film
    2.Good Light Transmission, Good weather resistance
    Good transparency, can waterproof. Durable, not easily affected by temperature, not easy to be corroded, dedicated to agricultural film. Ground cover, greenhouse vegetables.

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  • 800mm Agricultural Film

    800mm Agricultural Film

    Silver &Black mulch film: Silver &Black mulch film is one of the important means to implement "three avoiding techniques" in agricultural production, which plays an important role in improving the yield and quality of crops, realizing the yield increase and agricultural efficiency increase

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