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Congratulations on Becoming Fulida Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Water-saving Irrigation Industry Member


On December 15, 2013, technical innovation alliance, water-saving irrigation industry in Tianjin city, Da Yu Institute of technology, water-saving irrigation (Tianjin) Limited academician expert workstation and Symposium on water-saving irrigation industry technology innovation strategic alliance Council meeting was held successfully. Laiwu Fulida plastic technology development center Ms.Xu attended the meeting.

The conference announced establishment of a strategic alliance for technological innovation in water-saving irrigation industry,consideration of members and members of the first consortium. Fulida has become the first member of alliance .

Alliance is for enterprise development needs and common interests of members of alliance as the basis, to enhance ability of industrial technology innovation for purpose, a legally binding contract for protection of formation of joint development, complementary advantages, benefit sharing, risk sharing and technology innovation, the main task is to organize enterprises, universities and research institutions and other units. The key problem of industrial technology innovation of water- saving irrigation, to carry out technical cooperation, the core technology breakthrough industry development; the establishment of public technology platform, realize effective division of labor and innovation resources reasonably, implement intellectual property sharing; implementation of technology transfer, accelerate use of scientific and technological achievements, enhance overall competitiveness; joint training, continuous innovation.

Member of the strategic alliance for technological innovation of water-saving irrigation industry

1 China Agricultural Water-saving and rural water supply Technology Association

2 Gansu Dayu water group Limited by Share Ltd

3 Guangdong Dahua water saving Polytron Technologies Inc

4 Beijing Dongfang eco Lubricant Technology Co., Ltd.

5 Beijing Merrill Lynch Irrigation Technology Co., Ltd.

6 Laiwu Fulida Plastic Technology Development Center

7 Xinjiang wells irrigation Polytron Technologies Inc

8 Beijing paide Technology Development Co. Ltd.

9 Tianjin Jinrong Tian He mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

10 Shanghai Hua Wei water saving irrigation Co., Ltd.

11 Suihua the Great Northern Wilderness Water Irrigation Technology Development Co. Ltd.

12 Beijing China water and water Certification Co., Ltd.

13 Yangling Qinchuan water saving irrigation equipment Engineering Co Ltd

14 times the ACE (Tianjin) irrigation equipment Co. Ltd.

15 Yi Shanghai green agricultural science and technology limited company

16 Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University

17 Huabei water conservancy and hydropower University

18 Gansu Agricultural University

19 China Institute of water conservancy and Hydroelectric Science

20 Tianjin Institute of product quality supervision and detection technology

21 Institute of farmland irrigation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

22 Gansu Academy of water science and research

23 Institute of environment and engineering of dry area of cold region of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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