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  • 1.Equipment's care and maintenance-1

    1. Need skilled person to operate and maintain, forbid operating without monitoring. 2. Disassembly, The most ideal disassembly and cleaning time is just after stopping. The most ideal disassembly and cleaning time is just after stopping. It is best to use copper rod or wire or high quality cleaner to clean the head machine. But the head mold clean-up must be carried out under hot conditions, and the clean-up should be completed within a short time.

  • 2.Equipment's care and maintenance-2

    3. Extrusion system cleaning: Such as long downtime, the last time before the end of production, should stop feeding. Slow the screw's speed to extrude the material as much as possible. Remove the belt cover, using a special tool to push out the screw. Clean up the screw quickly before its cooling. After cleaning, coat with rust inhibitor. When the re-assembly, align the key slot, the jacking slow with special equipment. 4. If a long time without using this mold, rust inhibitor must be coated, and prepare for re-use. 5. If the long-stay stopping, water system must be drained of water completely; Winter use, after each stopping water discharge must be clean, to prevent the cracking device.

  • 3.Equipment's care and maintenance-3

    6. The fasteners should be checked regularly and tighten up them. Lubricating parts should be regularly checked and fill oil. Check gearbox oil level, (40 # gear oil could fill the gearbox). Initial operating; replace the new oil after three months. According to the operation condition after every six months or a year change the oil again. 7. Converter and other electrical appliances should be cleaned the dust regularly to prevent short circuit phenomenon. Oil should be cleaned at any time to keep equipment clean and tidy. 8. Machine for parking to break operation,even a relatively short time, it must be re-heated feed barrel, head and other heating parts. The temperature reached only after production restarts to avoid damaging the machine. 9. keeping the circulating water clean, may not have all sorts of sundry to avoid blocking pipeline, impacting cooling effect and jamming vacuum pump. Turbid water should be filter.

  • 4.Equipment's care and maintenance-4

    10.Traction main shaft and gear box should be regularly filled with lubricant. If long time no used, the track should be in relaxed state. 11. Head screw doesn't allow running at high speed for a long time to avoid excessive wear. 12. Molten plastic not to reach appropriate temperature, forced starting will cause serious equipment failure. 13. Check the main motor drive belt's swelling degree regularly and to be adjusted and replaced timely. 14. All instruments, displays, direct instrument display data should be checked frequently. 15. The filters should be replaced regularly to avoid blocking up the network. Prohibit metal debris going into the feed barrel, avoid damaging the screw.

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